The beginning…

So here I sit feeding my 11 week old daughter thinking about my experience so far. Yes, there are lots of ‘mummy blogs’ but I want the truth to be out there! These last 11 weeks have been the hardest times of my life. But yes, she’s worth it, which is all anyone seems to say, this doesn’t make it okay…it’s still been really shit at times. There have been occasions, double digit occasions where I didn’t think I’d ever see through the fog. I thought I would never come out the other side and still be me, I’m not quite there yet but more myself than I have been or maybe I’ll be an altered, improved me, well apart from the extra weight I’m still carrying. From the horrible labour (no, I haven’t forgotten yet!!), the painful recovery to breastfeeding (ouch!) and relationship struggles (men can be dicks and my hormones are off the scale!!) , it’s all going to be here!!


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