Hormonal AF

Sitting 4 hours into almost constant feeding, hollow legs this one. Other half is not back on time – standard, so a mugshot and toast for dinner. Diets going well. Had a decent day, brekkie with dad then crazy strong coffee with cake with another baby momma. So WHY do I feel so sad?! Bloody post preggers hormones are a bastard. Having a little cry whilst looking at bubba, thinking how sweet she is. Thinking how fat/tired/pale/bloaty I look. Not sure if I’m crying for my former being able to eat proper food life. Crying for the sleep I once had. Crying for the slightly broken relationship with him as we fumble our clueless way through early parenthood. The who’s more tired contest, having nothing to talk about apart from baby poo. Me resenting his freedom from the house, him resenting me not having to work. I get a sweet, sleepy, milky smile and it all seems worth it but still I’m sad.


3 thoughts on “Hormonal AF

  1. It’s early days…you’ll look back on this in a few months and wonder who that woman was…a better version of your old you is in the making šŸ˜Š I started blogging in early weeks of maternity leave too…such a great outlet.

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