Baby classes…

Not really sure why I put myself through it when lil one protests all the way through. The first lights class, she cried drowning out the songs, quite liked the explore the room bit then sat with fists clenched at the end whilst the jolly leader sang her heart out. The second one was worse, a dirty protest ten mins in then I had to feed her for half of it to calm her! £5.50 for a bloody feeding session haha.

Last week she tried swimming with her daddy, slightly more successful. We managed 25 mins of her pissed off resting face till she cried. In fairness they did dunk her under!

So today we have a baby yoga/massage/music class, we will see what mood she feels like today. Currently kipping, will wake her for a feed a half past and the leave it up to the gods.

Maybe after this round we won’t be booking anymore haha.


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