Second to it all…

So, Sunday, our day off together. Well he usually plays football but it’s cancelled this week so a chance for a nice family lie in and the he can actually spend time with little one. First spanner in the works, my poor puss cat is ill, has been in vets since Thursday. He came home last night but I have to take him back today. Then other half pisses all over the plans by announcing he HAS to work this morning because ‘no one else can do it’, it’s only 8-12 he says. This now means our relaxing lie in and turned into me trying to get someone to have her for any hour so I haven’t got to juggle baby and huge cat (who weighs lots more than the bubba!!)

Bloody sick of being put second, sick of the inconsiderate bastards at his work not appreciating the fact he has a 14 week old baby at home. Sick of never getting a lie in as the ‘I’ll get up with her, you stay in bed’ sentiment has already faded, he’s ‘tired’ because he’s had to work all day. Clearly keeping our child alive and doing EVERYTHING to do with the house and our lives isn’t work??!! Just for once will you say NO when someone needs to work, yes I understand you’re the boss but for gods sake sort it out!!!!


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