No parenting?!

So apparently getting drunk on a Saturday night and getting in after 2am, having not remembered what takeaway you’d bought means zero parenting is done all Sunday. For the record he remembered what a great deal he got for the food but not what it actually was. Went upstairs to watch Footie at 5pm and never came down. I was up at 7am, while he snoozed making himself late for Sunday league, he did make it shockingly. Arrived home at 12pm and briefly played with little one while I packed for our holiday tomorrow then snored in front of tv till he disappeared to his cess pit. I may add here that little one is teething and has a meltdown around

7 every night currently, had my mother not been here I may have plonked her to scream next to him.

This blog should be renamed why are men shit.


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