I’m a wreck!!

So tonight I am a crying mess!! It all started because I began researching weaning on Pinterest as my little one is 5 months next week, this led to me reading an article about the last time a lady nursed her daughter…that was it! Floodgates open, still can’t stop now and it was an hour ago! Other half thinks I’m funny but gave me a cuddle, he doesn’t get that it’s so different for him. The thought of her being a toddler is exciting for us both but especially for him, I like her as a baby, dare I say it, I like that she’s depending on me for everything! Breastfeeding was such a tough journey to begin with and I’m so proud that we’ve made it this far, she’s thriving and that makes me puff my chest out a bit haha! I grew her and now I sustain her, it’s amazing really.

It’s been an emotional day anyway as it was third injections time so our happy little bear has been whimpering all night bless her, so upsetting to hear. Also I’m working a day tomorrow so I’m leaving her for a few hours. I’ve been out and left her (obvs with grandparents not with the cats!!) in lots of occasions but it feels different this time. I won’t be able to wait to get back to my munchkin and give her a cuddle. It’s the beginning of the descend back into work…11 weeks, definitely counting 😦


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