At the risk of sounding vain, I saw a photo of myself today, taken today on a day when I felt relatively good about myself. I looked ugly. Fat, knackered and old. Not sure when this happened, I used to quite like photos of myself pre-baby. I can’t be bothered to diet – too tired so constantly want sugar. I’m still 3 stone over my ‘happy weight’, 2 stone over my ‘pre-Boyfriend’ weight and 1 stone over my pre- baby weight. I have a beautiful, healthy bubba who I adore but I can’t help missing the bubbly, confident, sexy woman I was before. It must be the same for my other half, he must look at me and think that it’s not what he signed up for?! He’s gained his darling daughter but lost his lover and partner in crime. Feeling very shallow right now!!!


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