Relationship wrecker

So before our bubba arrived we were happy, yeah we had our moments but life was sweet. Not so much now. Safe to say having a baby has driven us apart massively. We both love her, I cannot imagine life without her, she’s amazing. But as a couple, we no longer fit. I cannot tell you the last time we hugged, kissed let alone had sex. It’s both our faults. I am tired, sleep deprived, low in confidence, borderline cinderfuckingrella. I have totally lost myself. But he is lazy, selfish, uncomplimentary, unhelpful – stays in bed till midday when I get up at 7am. Last week I told him I thought I might have PND, his response ‘go to to doctor then,’ not how can I help or come here for a cuddle. All you really want some days is a cuddle, or a night out, Large gin!!


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