End of mat leave…

So tomorrow I go back to work. Needing a holiday to recover from my time off, exhausted, emotional and dreading not spending enough time with my bubba.

Other half is being a bellend as per usual. Moaning cos I had a go at him for getting up at 1pm, ‘I’m knackered, I was at work till 2am.’ Well that’s twice as much sleep as I get most nights motherfucker. I ask how he’ll cope with getting up before 8 daily as he has the first two week I’m back off, ‘I’ll just go to bed earlier than you do.’ Why do they not understand that we get NO time to ourselves during the day so after bedtime it’s time to do stuff. For me that generally means washing up, sorting clothes out and maybe catching a bit of telly. Screaming row ensued, now I’m sitting sobbing in the bath as he prepares dinner (has invited all his family over again). I’m already an emotional mess today, can’t cope with this too.

Every time I look at bubba it makes me cry. I can’t bear that I won’t be there when she wakes up tomorrow 😦 😦 I know she’ll be fine, she loves her daddy. It’s more myself I’m concerned about. Get the first week over and I’ll be fine, I have to be.


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